What we do

Shares4Us is founded in 2006 as a data provider for traders.

Nowadays we focus on the nichemarket of professional traders with an accountbalance over 100 milion US$.

As we strive to be the best provider there is, we've limited our customerbase to ensure impeccable service.


Don't call us. We'll call you.

This may seem a bit strange, but we do not have a sales department.

We do not sell!

If you are a potential customer and can keep a 100m$ balance with us, we usually know about your existence.

When we think we are ready to give you the best service ever, we will contact you to discuss our irresistible offer.

Liquidity Providers

To enable us to serve our customers the best way, we need liquidity providers.

You want our customers to benefit from your great prices?

Contact us and together we determine whether you have added value for our customers.